Sunday, September 14, 2008

News: Camel Crush not First of it's kind?

Well it turns out the "Thoroughly innovative" cigarette I just reviewed the other day isn't as innovative as I had originally thought, does the technology does stem from the RJ Reynolds company. I just found out that RJ Reynolds (parent company of several cigarette brands) used their new technology to develop the Kool Boost cigarettes and later tested it out on the product that eventually became the Camel Crush.

The Kool Boosts were tested, as were the Crushes, in Japan for a while so the technology could be properly mastered. The difference between the two cigarettes, however, is that while the Crushes go from Regular to Fresh the Boosts go from Menthol to Even More Menthol.

It's quite a bummer, though, that the Boosts are not available here in America. At least not yet, anyway. If the Crush proceeds to sell as well as it has so far, despit it's mediocrity, then I'm sure RJ Reynolds will have no problem localizing their product for a stateside release.

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