Sunday, September 14, 2008

Review: Volcano Taco

There are a couple of questions I always ask myself before I go to Taco Bell. The first of the two being this: Why pay more? I mean, seriously. Taco Bell is so delicious and you can walk out of their with a 2.5 lb bag of pseudomexican food for like 3 bucks. The second thing I ask is: Is diarrhea really worth saving some coin? The answer to that has always been yes. But will the runs really be worth eating Taco Bell's new Volcano Taco?

The Volcano Taco, for starters, is a total bargain. It comes with the same seasoned beef, veggies and cheese as your standard crunchy taco, but throws it all in a red shell with a healthy (not so much) helping of Volcano Sauce. All for only $.89, making this a welcome addition to the 89 cents Why Pay More? value menu.

You see the taco staring down at you from the menu sign, menacingly, or so it seems. Almost challenging you to see if you can take the heat. It looks real nice by that price tag, too. You throw one onto the end of your order just to try it. The item comes wrapped in your standard taco wrapper, nothing special whatsoever. As soon as you unwrap it and see that hot red shell you think you may be getting ready to bite off more than you can chew. The first bite. Not bad! Second bite! It's actually really good! You finish the taco and don't feel overwhelmed at all! It's not too spicy, it's just delicious. That's what happened to me, so don't think this thing might be too hot to handle, because it really found the perfect ground between spicy and overpowering. It's perfect, or very close to it.

Anyway, I tend to ramble.

The shell doesn't contain any heat, whatsoever. It's merely an illusion brought about by the red color. All the heat is in the sauce. Volcano sauce seems to be nothing more than the same sauce they use in their quesidillas. I might be wrong, but all I know is that it goes wonderful on a taco. I might even start ordering it on everything I eat.

Final Words:
The Volcano Taco impressed on just about every frontier except for one. Heat. Don't get me wrong, this thing is totally delicious. But you'd think that something called a Volcano Taco with Volcano Sauce nestled in a fiery red shell would make you cry. It doesn't. In fact, I even like to put a packet of fire sauce on mine to crank up the heat just a little bit.

It really is wonderful.

Taste: 8.0 (Just wish it was a little hotter)
Aroma: 8.0 (The smell alone makes you twice as hungry as you were before you ordered it)
Value:9.5 (At only 89 cents you can't beat it. Why pay more?)

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Cassie Venaglia said...

read your thing, tried it, and i rate it a 5/10. teetering on the line of gross or good, i couldn't really tell which it was.